6 Figure OnlyFans - Secrets To Become A Top 1% Model

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You’ve seen the viral tweets of girls buying a houses with the money they made on OnlyFans.

And you wonder to yourself… can I do that too?

So you made an OnlyFans account, started advertising on Twitter…

…then you probably run into these common obstacles.

- Uncertainty (Where do you start? Is it possible? Will you be able to do it?)

- Initial Resistance (Unskilled? Beginner’s mistakes killing your progress?)

- Fear and Doubt (Fear of risk? Self-doubt? Worried about messing up?)

You’re not alone in these experiences, in fact resistance and obstacles are unavoidable.

So what can you do to smooth the path?

The same thing people have always done - You find a good teacher.

Enter — 6 Figures OnlyFans

This is where you move past the quicksand of mistakes and

uncertainty, and into confidence and competence.

My name is Rose and I have over 7 years of experience in the fashion modelling and SW industries in NYC, LA, and Miami.

I’ve gotten countless messages from junior models about OnlyFans, and quarantine has allowed me to finally write this guide for everyone hopping on the OnlyFans craze.

In my first month on OnlyFans last year, I made over $27,900. And it’s not that hard. In fact, I’d go so far to say it’s EASY…

…if you have someone to guide you in the right direction.

And that’s exactly where 6 Figure OnlyFans comes in.

You’ll learn what works (and what deadly pitfalls to avoid) from my field-tested experience.

It simply takes a few ‘tricks’ and raw knowledge only acquired in two ways:

1. Working in the industry for months, if not years (like me), or…

2. Directly learning the *exact* actions to take from an experienced gal who knows what it takes to be a Top 1% Model.

Well, if the second method sounds sparkly to you…

You’re in the right place.

This is a no-fluff guide. Zero filler info. Zero pointless rambling.

No beating around the bush (pun intended).

The info in here is worth over half a million dollars.


That’s a portion of how much this knowledge has made me since I joined OnlyFans. And while that might not change my lifestyle (as a professional model with major fashion contracts)…

It certainly will change yours.

OK, OK, Rose, so what will it look like?

Fair enough.

Like this:

✅ Little-known fan psychology that turns $5 fans into $500 fans

✅ The profile ‘tricks’ that all Top 1% models follow

✅ Why certain pricing mistakes you make are destroying your fanbase

✅ How to pump out 100’s of pieces of content without crashing

✅ Common social media ‘hacks’ that are killing your content

✅ Copy and paste my exact messages that have generated me $500k+

✅ Swipe my personal sub CRM (customer relationship management) Template

✅ Pages upon pages of tips to rocket you to the Top 1%

AND… for a limited time (yes, I’m removing it soon), I’m including this bonus section:

✅ Common mistakes to avoid and protect your privacy

✅ Exact 4 cybersecurity apps I use daily

✅ How to keep weirdos, trolls, and ‘doxers’ out with ease

✅ The exact messages to send to avoid legal trouble before it starts

You know what you deserve.

I know what you deserve.

We both know that your body and skills are a beautiful work of art. And what better way to empower yourself than growing a massive loving fanbase and making a comfortable lifestyle at the same time?

Average Is The Enemy

This seems like a simple enough phase, but there’s much

more meaning wrapped up in it than you may realize on first


--> Most models don’t do uncommon things. (They try to fit in with the rest)

--> Few models will know the tricks to the OnlyFans trade.

-->  Even fewer will actually leverage those tricks into creating the lifestyle of their dreams.

--> Excuses and justifications are common.

That’s why I built this course for you.

You deserve to hold the keys to your own life, and to have the

confidence that you can create positive momentum.

• When fear and doubt and weighing heavy, 

• When uncertainty and risk are overwhelming, 

• When you can’t see a way out of trouble, 

• And when you don’t even know where to turn for the


Then life can seem harsh and unfair.

You don’t have to feel like that anymore.

You can turn your modelling career around.

You can earn 1000’s of extra dollars every

You can start today.

You can start right now.

If you want to take skyrocket your OnlyFans and reach the Top 1%,

You can.

If you want to learn the complete and easy-to-follow tricks to add money to your wallet in a hurry,

You can.

You hold the pen, you write your own destiny and today begins a new chapter.

The chapter is titled:

The Top 1%

It’s a killer story, full of inspiration and triumph, and it belongs 

to you.

Let me help you write it. 

Let me help you avoid the potholes and roadblocks. 

Let me guide your way.

Now, before I head out, who is this guide NOT for?

✖️ Models who are OK with making ‘meh’ money

✖️ Models who aren’t sure if the platform is right for them

✖️ Models who aren’t dedicated to putting the work into growing their fanbase

✖️ Lazy models who want all the ‘dough’ but none of the work that goes into it

But who IS this guide for?

✔️ Newbie models who’ve just signed up and want to fast-track from $0 to $10,000 per month

✔️ Intermediate models who make steady cash… but can’t seem to break that 6-figure barrier

✔️ Busy models with other jobs and limited time to learn the tricks of the trade

✔️ Models dedicated to OnlyFans and aspiring to hit the coveted Top 1% of the platform… and the money that comes with it

If any of those sounds like you…

Then times a-ticking, because I won’t keep the guide at this price forever. I only want this information in the hands of a select few elite models (you) fast-tracking their fanbase to the Top 1%.

So… at some point that $57 price tag will quietly bump up.

It allows me to weed out those un-dedicated to growing.

Again, I don’t *need* this money. I make comfortable sums from my modelling contracts.

But I’ve always loved taking knowledge out of the elite’s hands and into the hands of beautiful models on the come-up. You.

So if you’re ready to hit the top 1% and make the cash of your dreams…

Press the ‘I want this!’ button.

And secure your copy of 6 Figure OnlyFans Guide now.


PLUS... for a limited time (soon it'll be moved offline), you'll receive my signature Twitter Mini-Guide, where you'll learn:

✅ Why your regular tweets seem to get zero engagement

✅ The exact timing I use to tweet for maximum reach

✅ What the top Twitter models do that makes them blow up

And more...

Not convinced? Check out these models...

What others have to say about 6 Figure OnlyFans

And many more...

So don't wait any longer to get to the Top 1%...

Press the ‘I want this!’ button.

And invest in your copy of 6 Figure OnlyFans Guide now.

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6 Figure OnlyFans - Secrets To Become A Top 1% Model

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